Conferences through Pictures

One of the goals I failed to complete during my Ph.D. is my attempt at traveling to every single continent on "research" money. "Research" money includes travel grants used for conference travel. I also considered earning frequent flier miles as "Research" money that was implicitly "paid for" by travel grants and such. To this end, I was merely able to visit: North America, Australia, and Europe. I had a "free" trip to Asia off of the frequent flier miles I earned due to some unfortunate delays during my other flights on the first 3 continents. Sadly, I did have the chance of going to South America for a conference, but I thought I would have graduated by then. Little did I know I wouldn't graduate until the end of Summer Quarter 2012. Going to Africa and Antaratica, however, is probably substantially more difficult.

I am very grateful that I have been able to visit so many places. Here are some nice panoramics and pictures I made along the way.