Paper Cut-out of the Cal Campanile

In Fall 2008, A friend of mine from U.C. Berkeley was leaving the Bay Area and had decided to visit me at Berkeley. In commemoration of the fun times, we had at Berkeley in E28 (a drafting/CAD class for ME students), I decided to see if I could come up with a 3D paper cut-out of the Cal Campanile using skills from 2003, after I finished another problem set during my M.S. program .

After 3 grueling hours of remembering how to flatten 3D objects and doing the calculations to get the pyramid at the top of the tower to have a proper angle, the following files are the result. It turned out quite nicely. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the rendition.

Directions: Cut along the outline of the shape, and also along red lines. Fold on the majority of all the leftover black lines with the exception of folding/cutting out the clock faces.

[ pdf ] [ autocad .dwg ]